Home Improvement, Guaranteed

With Bolster, you get a reliable home improvement contractor and a Guarantee from a leading insurer that your renovation will be completed on time and on budget.

The Bolster Guarantee

Peace of mind you can buy

If your contractor doesn’t deliver results on-time and on-budget, we step in with the funds and a new contractor to finish the job as promised.

No more worrying about going over budget, shoddy workmanship, or costly delays. For a mere 3.5% of your contract value (e.g. $700 for a $20,000 job), your home improvement project is insured and guaranteed.

Relax, we’ve got you covered


Qualified Contractors

Get started by filling out your basic contact information and providing a quick description of your plans. We'll match you with reliable remodeling contractors who have qualified for the Bolster Guarantee.


Fixed-Price Contract

After a short bidding process, you’ll choose your preferred proposal and lock in the terms by signing a fixed-price home improvement contract provided by us.


Remodeling Guarantee

Then, for only 3.5% of the total value, your home renovation is guaranteed. Our Remodeling Guarantee protects you from price changes, shoddy workmanship, and costly delays.

“After a mishap with a contractor, we chose Bolster because of the peace of mind it gives to everyone involved. Bolster was incredibly easy to use. Their team gave us a great contractor who completed our project just as we wanted it and without any hassle.”
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Marinella Bogaziotis

Let us worry about your contractor

When you buy a Bolster Guarantee, our insurers take responsibility for your contractor’s performance on your renovation. Our qualification process weeds out irresponsible contractors.

Get started by providing your basic contact information and a quick description of your plans. We’ll match you with reliable contractors qualified for our Guarantee. You can also invite a contractor for us to qualify.

“We used Bolster to help us convert several units in our 1890 building. The contractors Bolster provided used high quality materials and completed their work on time in an orderly and efficient manner.”
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Catherine Freudenberg Traykovski

A home improvement contract you can trust

We created a home improvement contract with insurers and industry-leading experts, for your remodel.

Once you’ve chosen a proposal from a qualified contractor, lock in the terms by buying a Bolster Guarantee and signing a fixed-price home improvement contract provided by us.

“I recommend Bolster because they take all of the risk out of doing a renovation project.”
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James Brune
Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker,
New York City

We’re in this together

When you buy a Bolster Guarantee for your home renovation, our insurers commit to use their funds and resources to complete your remodel as promised if your contractor fails to.

The Full Story

How Our Guarantee Works

With Bolster, when you commit your personal finances to the success of your project, your contractor does the same.

To remodel with Bolster, contractors post a special surety bond with our insurers guaranteeing the performance of their contractual duties to our customers. We call this bond the Bolster Remodeling Bond. In exchange for your contractor’s Bond and your purchase of a Guarantee, our insurers agree to use their funds and resources to deliver your project as promised in the event your contractor fails to perform.

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Bolster aligns everyone to the success of your project

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